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When selecting a cashmere sweater, it is crucial to consider the number of plies (layers) used in its
construction. A 2-ply sweater is the most common in the European market and can be worn throughout
the year. For chilly days in spring and fall, a 4-ply sweater is ideal, providing warmth without the need
for a jacket or coat when it is not too windy.

The number of plies determines the warmth of the sweater. Sweaters with four, six, and ten plies are
perfect for extremely cold days in the UK/Europe, from late fall to early spring, providing excellent
protection against freezing temperatures. However, for your first piece of cashmere clothing, a classic 2
or 4-ply sweater is recommended.

It is important to note that the number of plies also influences the price. The more plies a sweater has,
the more expensive it is, as it requires more cashmere materials, looks heavier, and involves additional
work in its production.

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