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Cashmere is a fancy and expensive fabric that many companies around the world use to make sweaters
and clothes. China is the biggest producer of cashmere globally, while Scotland and Italy are known for making high-quality cashmere products in Europe. However, European products tend to be pricier
because of higher costs for labor, energy, and storage.

Our factory is in Kathmandu, Nepal, at the base of the Himalayas. This is where the history of cashmere
and the skilled weavers who made it famous began.

Our manufacturing plant near Kathmandu employs talented weavers and knitters who have learned
their craft from previous generations. These skilled artisans manually weave pashminas, carrying on a
tradition that spans many centuries.

Our basic collection of men’s and women’s knitwear sweaters, which are mainly produced using
hand flat Knitting Machine in Nepal. We made this choice to lower production costs and offer these models at more affordable prices.

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