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While we absolutely love the incredibly soft natural fibers of cashmere, we recognize that maintaining
the freshness of your cherished garments can be a bit challenging with this indulgent wool. However,
fear not! By following our straightforward steps below, you will be able to keep your cashmere items
looking vibrant and feeling fresh for many years to come.

Wash your garments correctly
While this might seem like common sense, some people may not know the right way to care for their
clothes during regular washing. When hand-washing your garment, make sure to use Cashmere
Shampoo – our special formula is designed to preserve and enhance the textures of cashmere fibers.
When washing, gently squeeze lukewarm water through the fibers, avoiding any wringing or twisting.
And, of course, always wash with similar colors to maintain the vibrant look of your cashmere.

Dry your garments correctly
Handle with care – avoid tumble drying. Lay your cashmere clothing flat to preserve its natural shape.
Press with a damp cloth or a turned-off iron to remove excess water. Never dry on a radiator or close to
a strong heat source, as it can harm the natural fibers and distort their original shape.

Know where to keep your cashmere
Be sure to inspect for any indications of dampness, dust, or direct sunlight when storing your cashmere.
Use tissue paper for folding, as it is pH neutral (unlike cardboard boxes), ensuring safe storage.

Moths and other threats to cashmere are attracted to damp areas, so make certain your cashmere items
are completely dry before storing them. Additionally, it is recommended to address any stains on your
cashmere before storage, as they may oxidize and serve as a food source for moths.
Remove pills from the equation

Frequently inspect your cashmere items for any signs of pilling, which commonly happens in areas prone
to regular friction, like elbows, shoulders, and hips (or where your seatbelt rests during your commute).
Use a wool razor to eliminate these pills swiftly and effectively, ensuring your cashmere clothes
maintain their best appearance!

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